Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Spoilers: Will Relationships Still Be Challenged?

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Spoilers: Will Relationships Still Be Challenged?

With "A" outed at last, you would think that our favorite Pretty Little Liars couples would have nothing to worry about, right? Well, you're half-right. As we know, our Liar girls will still be experiencing trouble in their Rosewood paradise, and that certainly never leaves out the guys as executive producer, Oliver Goldstick reminds us.

Ezria / Ezra & Aria

"There will be a whole new set of challenges for them. Ezra is unemployed — and good luck getting a job! [Laughs] He’s going to have some problems. The situation with her parents is not copacetic. Ella and Byron are on very different pages when it comes to this, so Aria’s home situation may be rockier than you think in Season 3."

Haleb / Hanna & Caleb
With Hanna a mess after finding out the truth about Mona, you can be sure that Caleb will have his hands full next season (hence the promotion to series regular, duh).

"They’ll face their own set of challenges next season… but she’s not going to give up on Caleb."

Emaya / Emily & Maya
Emaya fans are just crushed after the season 2 finale, and understandably so. Although it's been voiced that Maya's fate could still be up in the air, you can bet we won't be getting answers anytime soon - which means we'll be dealing with an equally crushed Emily when we return. But where does that leave Paige, now that she's back in the picture?

"That Paige, let’s not forget how we met her. [Laughs] She’s got a temper, that poor girl. But Paige will return next season."

Spoby / Spencer & Toby
Now that we know Toby's whole act was just that - an act - does this mean Spencer will forgive him? (We know we would, right? C'mon, it's Toby!)

"They’re back on track — how could you not forgive this guy for everything he did now that you know it was all a ruse?"

While it does seem that all our PLL couples save for Spoby will be overcoming major hurdles in season 3, we can probably count on Spoby having some challenges of their own. Spencer did throw a Wren into the plans, after all.

Source: TVLine