Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Spoilers: Things Are Getting Intense, Plus Ezria Spoilers

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October 18, 2012

Pretty Little Liars writer, Joseph Dougherty shared on Twitter that the “last four episodes of the season” are “getting pretty intense”. We can only imagine what might be in store for the Liars at the end of season 3, but at least we can get an idea as far as Ezria is concerned, since Ezra’s kid entered into the picture.

In her exclusive interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, Lucy Hale (Aria) tells us a little bit about the state of Aria’s relationship with Ezra when new episodes return.

“This is the most grown up situation that Aria has ever been in, but I think for the first time she’s realizing, ‘Maybe this isn’t what I want. Maybe this is too much pressure on my shoulders along with everything else.’ She loves him so much and they’re trying to work it out. But she’s definitely having those questions running through her mind. ‘Is this really good for me? Is this good for Ezra? Is this good for his kid?’ So it’s all those sorts of questions. And it’s, I think, the biggest situation that’s ever been thrown at them – and they’ve been through a lot.”

So will Maggie still be around in the second half of season 3? Lucy says yes.

“You see a lot of Maggie, who is the baby’s mom. So she might appear as a threat to some of the fans of the show. At times Aria views her as a threat. But it’s a situation that she has no control over this time. It’s not just about them, it’s about his offspring. So you can’t really undo that.”

Sounds like Aria will have to make some choices this season. (Don’t forget we also have Ezra’s mom butting in and ruining things for Ezria.) What do you think, will she stick it out with Ezra ’til the very end. baby and all?

  • Vamp77

    no she should part ways as friends and be with jason