Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Spoilers: If There is an "A" Team, is Lucas a Part of It?

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Spoilers: If There is an "A" Team, is Lucas a Part of It?

Flash back to the creepy car ride Mona used to abduct Spencer, and you'll remember Mona uttering chilling words more mind-boggling than sinister, but of equal creepiness nonetheless. "You had to earn it, the right to be a part of it. We're in this together now. I admire you, Spencer. That's why you get to decide how this ends, tonight. You can join the 'A' Team...or you can disappear."

An "A" team? You know what they say, and if there's no "I" in team you can bet there are more than just Mona involved in the larger Pretty Little Liars scheme of things. It's been confirmed that Mona was indeed the "A" that tormented the girls for two seasons, and possibly even well before that - but is she the only "A"? We all know Mona had a most impressive (and the most believable) motive for doing the dirty "A" deeds, but if there's at least one other person who has almost as much of a motive as she, it's Lucas. As executive producer, Oliver Goldstick reminds us:

"That’s one of the mysteries of Season 3. Poor Lucas, he may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time a long time ago, but in the Halloween episode we hinted that he and Mona had this common alliance against Alison. There’s a dark side to him. He’s adorable, but this nerd-nick has some dark ink running through his veins. He is back in Season 3."

Will this common alliance make itself known in season 3? I don't know if we can bear watching Hanna suffer anymore, if it does. There will also be a confrontation of sorts in season 3 between Hanna and Mona, and even with all the time that's passed it's highly unlikely that Hanna will ever be able to forgive her past BFF. As far as Lucas is concerned, Janel Parrish (Mona) wouldn't say as to whether he's connected to "A" in some way, but she did say coyly that he "could be".

What are your thoughts on Lucas, is he as innocent as he's chalked up to be? We already know he has his dark side - and we also know that he, too would have his reasons for being an accomplice to Mona, at least where Hanna's concerned. In what light do you think we'll be seeing Lucas in season 3, especially with all this "dark ink running through his veins"?

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