Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Spoilers: Did Garrett Really Kill Alison? Is Maya Really Dead?

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Spoilers: Did Garrett Really Kill Alison? Is Maya Really Dead?

Pretty Little Liars' shocking and devastating season 2 finale finally gave us the big Answer - but it raised even more questions that are still burning in our minds. The teaser spoiler of "someone will die" has been ringing in our ears since midseason, and in "unmAsked" it was finally revealed just which character bit the bullet (and we're hoping that's "so to speak") - Maya St. Germain (Bianca Lawson), girlfriend to Shay Mitchell's character, Emily Fields.

While showrunner Marlene King would not say whether or not it was definitely Maya's corpse in the body bag, she did assure us that the whole Maya thing would soon be resolved when we return next season. So, why Maya?

“It was a really hard decision to make because I know Emaya shippers are very passionate about that couple, but it just felt like we had to continue on this journey and it was a step we needed to take to give ourselves more mystery and open up the show to season 3. Plus, it was just great drama. That scene has me on my knees every time I watch it.... It fuels a lot of it,” King says. “We feel like the Emaya fans deserve some answers and some closure, and that’s what season 3 will embrace.”

Another piece of the season finale puzzle could be Paige (Lindsey Shaw), who made her own appearance in "unmAsked". Coincidence, with Maya possibly being written off?

"There was definitely something specific about bringing [Paige] back. Emily definitely has the hardest time adjusting after this finale and she comes back in Season 3 a little disconnected from the others because of that."

As far as mystery goes, executive producer, Oliver Goldstick agrees.

“With Allison’s death — and now Maya’s — you say, ‘Are these related? They’ve got to be related.’ If they are related, was it because this person was about to be caught?”

Do you think Alison and Maya's deaths are related, or is it just another PLL plot point meant to throw us off the trail? Hey, it's not as if Garrett and Jenna have looked exactly innocent this whole time (and after that quick scene at the park, we totally know Jenna's up to something). Needless to ask, with Garrett arrested and Jenna with newly regained sight, what will happen in season 3? (And what about Melissa in all this, hm?)

"When we come back, Garrett is about to go on trial for Alison's murder. Melissa always has interesting ulterior motives to all of her actions and a lot of that will play out in Season 3. We'll answer more questions of old mysteries like what happened the night of Alison's murder and did Garrett really kill Alison?"

Speaking of mystery.... Marlene says that the Black Swan is "a mystery that's coming back". Do you have your own guesses as to who that masked dark beauty might have been?

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