Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Spoilers: Could Alison's Murder and Maya's Death Be Related?

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Spoilers: Could Alison's Murder and Maya's Death Be Related?

In his interview with TVLine, Pretty Little Liars executive producer, Oliver Goldstick revealed that it was entirely possible that Garrett may not be the end result of Alison's murder case after all (surprise...?) and that her story is not exactly finished. Alison, and the mystery surrounding her murder, will still definitely be a prominent character in the next season.

In fact, according to this tweet by showrunner Marlene King, it seems Sasha Pieterse (Alison DiLaurentis) will be back in the season 3 premier:

"So excited to share season 3 premiere script w you @SashaaPieterse. Intense and fun."

Alison's not the only feminine figure who'll be back in season 3. We'll be returning to the mysterious Black Swan character seen at the Masquerade in the season 2 finale, and we may even be finding out her secret identity:

"It may be premature for me to tell you this right now, but let’s put it this way: You’ll get a satisfying answer, and it’s a bit shocking."

And, as Janel Parrish (Mona Vanderwaal) points out to us - everything is most definitely connected. So, how is all this related to Alison's murder and now, Maya's death? Or are those two events related? (Other than an eerie similarity to the season 1 scene, where the girls find out about Alison.)

"They look like they’re linked right now. Maya knew too much — if the body is indeed Maya’s. We played around with the idea that there was the bag of things of Alison’s that Maya needed to return to Jason, and that bag may have contained things that could be very, very explosive."

How likely do you think it is that the body is not Maya's? Is it possible she's still in hiding somewhere, and faked her death as a last resort? We know she was pretty peeved at Emily for ratting out her whereabouts to her parents. If that's what's going on though, the real question becomes...from what is Maya hiding? Or from who?

The "A" game may be finished, but the mystery is far from over. Share your season 3 theories in the comments!