Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Spoilers: Aria’s Disturbing Confrontation

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December 7, 2012

In a recent PLL spoiler, it was hinted that in the mid-season premiere this January, Aria (Lucy Hale) will slowly come to terms with the fact that her dad, Byron (Chad Lowe) may just be one of their prime suspects in the Alison murder mystery. Now TVLine spoils for us that in the mid-season opener Aria will continue to defend her dad – until something happens to turn her own suspicions.

“Aria’s trying really hard to defend her dad against her friends’ suspicions, but a disturbing confrontation may force her to look at him in a new light.”

We’ll also learn a little more related to the “mystery someone” Aria stabbed through the crate on the Rosewood Ghost Train during “This is a Dark Ride”.

“And if you, like the foursome, think you know who Aria stabbed during Halloween, prepare for a big twist! Lastly, two words: Cow brains.”

Cow brains? Any chance this is a sick twist? Pretty Little Liars writers have been telling us the second half of season 3 will be a lot scarier. What kind of clue do you think “cow brains” is? (And how will Aria stomach living in her own house once Byron seems like more of a threat?)