Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Spoilers: Season 2′s Over, Now What?

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March 20, 2012

With the season 2 finale of Pretty Little Liars going on right now for the east coast, “A” Day will soon come to a close – but the spoilers sure won’t! Thanks to Twitter, we now know exactly what showrunner Marlene King is thinking – or at least tweeting – and guess what? She’s been writing the season 3 premier episode:

“EXT. COURTYARD – HIGH SCHOOL – DAY ‘Do we think it’s a coincidence that he turned Boo Radley after ‘that night?””

No doubt that’s a taster from the script in question. But what does it mean? Could Boo Radley be referring to one of our main PLL guys? Does it have anything to do with who “A” is, or could it mean something else entirely?

You can decipher some more of Marlene’s tweets related to season 3 below:

  • More Ezria.“S3: Aria complies and is shocked to see Ezra standing on her porch.”
  • S3 GUESS THE CHARACTERS: ‘I thought we could recreate the date.’ ‘I wouldn’t call it a date. We ended the night in the bathroom.’”
  • S3 ANOTHER COUPLE: ‘I thought the point of cooking together was being together’ ‘It is and tonight I promise we’ll make a sizzling Dong Po.’”

Oh, and by the way. Lucas (Brendan Robinson) will be back in the season 3 premier.

Head for the comments and take a stab at Marlene’s character guessing games up there, and voice your excitement about season 3!

  • Marlen_f27


  • marlen

    It seems obvious who A is: Alison because she killed her twin sister. 
    Mona it’s just a puppet that Alison used to achieved her revenge. Mona will do anything to make Ali “her friend”.  They said the real A from the tv-series won’t be the some from the book.. and well.. for the way it goes.. it clearly shows that’s exactly how it is going to end. What a shame!! =(. But it’s a good tv show and excellent books though…

  • Susie

    I think Lucas is definitely involved