Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Spoilers: Mona is “A”…But There Might Be More to the Story

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March 21, 2012

The net has exploded with Janel Parrish interviews and past Mona-was-”A” clues since the season 2 finale finally revealed the identity of the girls’ torturer. But is it really the end of the “A” story? We as TV watchers know that Pretty Little Liars has been renewed for a third season, so of course we also know that it’s far from the end – and Janel confirms this in her exclusive interview with Wetpaint Entertainment.

“I am ‘A.’ But obviously there’s more explaining and more questions raised for Season 3. There’s a lot more craziness coming to Rosewood…. I think everything is connected. But that’s my theory. I don’t know for sure but that’s what I think. I don’t think anything is an accident on the show.”

Showrunner Marlene King also spoke up about this, replying to a fan on Twitter saying, “It’s Rosewood so always more to the story…”. Well played, Marlene. Well played.

Janel elaborates on Mona being “A”, what she knows about the Black Swan, and more in her Zap2It interview here. But just in case you’re only interested in digging up spoilers (which, I know you are!), I’ve taken the liberty of gathering them for you below. You’re welcome.

  • Janel revealed that she actually knows who the Black Swan is (even though she can’t tell us…of course), and that we could be finding that out somewhere in season 3.
  • Know what else we’ll find out about Mona in season 3? That she has “a plan for everything she does”. Which, we kind of figured based on the whole long, drawn-out “A” thing, but y’know.
  • Another “puzzle piece” to the mystery is Maya’s implied death – and, if she is in fact dead, her killer. Janel says that, “Maya’s killer might not necessarily be the same person who killed Alison. Or ‘A’ might not necessarily be the same person who killed Maya. That’s where Season 3 comes in, you will find out more about all those pieces.”

What do you think Mona’s larger role is in all this? And what are you expecting from her character in season 3? (Which, by the way, starts up six months after the season 2 finale and two years after Ali’s death.) Are you with Janel in saying that you believe it’s more fun that Mona not be redeemed as a character? Share your thoughts, and theories, on Mona below!