Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Spoiler: Shana is a Rosewood Troublemaker

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November 1, 2012

We got to know new girl in Rosewood, Shana (Aerial Miranda) in the Pretty Little Liars web series, Pretty Dirty Secrets, and in addition to Shana seeming suspiciously like a spy, she also has a connection in Rosewood that will lead her to Emily (Shay Mitchell) in the second half of season 3.

Swimmer Missy Franklin dives into the deep end of the mystery that is Rosewood when she makes a cameo in a Pretty Little Liars episode slated for March 2013 on ABC Family. Hints executive producer Marlene King, “Missy has a history with Rosewood troublemaker Shana,” the Halloween-shop girl introduced in PLL’s Web series, Pretty Dirty Secrets.

How does Shana know Missy Franklin? According to Missy herself, Shana meets her at the airport while Missy’s on her way to Pittsburgh and insists that she introduce her to her friend, Emily at local coffee shop, The Brew to give her a few swimming tips.

Why do you think Shana is so intent on introducing Emily to Olympic swimmer, Missy Franklin?

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