Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Spoiler: Season Premier Episode Title Revealed!

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March 8, 2012

With just a couple episodes to go in season 2, you think we PLL fans would be ruminating about season 3 already. Well, that’s kind of tough to do when the thought of the big “A” reveal is just around the corner (two weeks!). But since showrunner Marlene King went there and revealed via Twitter the title of the season 3 premier episode, of course we had to share:

S3 spoiler: Title of premiere episode – It happened “that night.”

I bet we all can make a pretty good guess at the meaning behind “that night”. Still, is season 3 piquing your interest yet? If not, then check out Wetpaint Entertainment’s Pretty Little Liars spoiler round-up for season 3 (there’s some new stuff in there you might find interesting).

Speaking of the big “A” reveal…Lucy Hale (Aria) shares in this video interview via MTV that it comes completely out of nowhere:

“Honestly, in the season finale, it comes out of nowhere. Comes completely out of left field. But like I said, throughout the two seasons, everything sort of comes together so it kind of makes sense. But in the actual episode, it is completely shoved-in-your-face out of nowhere.”

Hmm…. What else are you hoping to see in season 3?

  • Cherishcharmaine

    Maybe its just some one you completely did not suspect, like Mona! The only one outside the PLL knowing about the show time kiss between Caleb and Mona was Melissa and Mona. 

  • Jbanderas

    I think it’s Toby!