Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Spoiler: Is There a Gay Guy in Rosewood?

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January 2, 2013

So Emily (Shay Mitchell) might not be the only one in Rosewood dealing with her sexuality. In an interview with ABC Family, Pretty Little Liars creator, Marlene King was asked if it would be a possibility to see any of the PLL guys dealing with their sexuality in the future of the show. Hey, yeah…where are all the gay guys in Rosewood?

What did Marlene say? Something interesting, for sure.

“Where are the gay guys in Rosewood? It’s a good question. We actually have been talking about revealing that a character we’ve already established on the show might be questioning his sexuality so it’s possible that you’ll be seeing that.”

What?? Which of the guys do you think could maybe-possibly be coming out of the closet soon? Marlene did spoil that we would be seeing Lucas’ (Brendan Robinson) room sometime in season 3B…could that be some sort of hint? (Or if not, could it be ‘A’ clue?)