Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Spoiler: Aria’s Secret Will Come Out, Plus! Ezra to Get “Clued In”

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January 24, 2013

Updated Spoilers! TVLine has a new spoiler related to Ezra finding out the major secret Aria’s keeping from him – that she knows he has a son (and he doesn’t!).

“’Ezra will find out that he has a son’ in an upcoming episode, which provides ‘a nice family moment between him, Aria and [his child] Malcolm,’ shares exec producer I. Marlene King. Of course, Ezra won’t immediately discover how long Aria kept this secret form him — but the truth will eventually come out. Still, when all is said and done, ‘the ‘Ezria’ story will end in a very interesting place this year,’ adds King. ‘It’s kind of a full-circle moment.’”

“Full-circle” moment? How do you think we can expect Ezra and Aria’s “story” to pan out by the end of season 3, and are you looking forward to Ezra finding out about his son?

“A” has already started yanking on the I’m-going-tell-Ezra-about-his-son chain with Aria, as we saw in the mid-season opener. But will the truth actually come out, and will it be sooner rather than later?

“This one time at TCA, we saw a picture of Ezra and Aria playing with an adorable little boy named Malcolm…with our very own eyes! Yes, Ezra will soon learn he’s a daddy and that Aria kept it a secret from him, which will cause major issues between them, but a little bird tells us they’ll totally weather the storm and Ezra might even start to be more clued into the whole ‘A’ of it all! (Bonus: We’ll have that picture for your viewing pleasure soon!)”

Sounds like good news for Ezria fans. But how will Ezra finding out about his son lead him closer to being “clued in” to this whole “A” business? Unless it just brings him even closer to Aria, maybe?

Source: E! Online