Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Finale Spoiler: “Red Coat” Will Be Revealed

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February 27, 2013


Updated Spoilers! Janel Parrish (Mona) confirms that the season 3 finale will indeed include a cliffhanger! In her interview with TV Fanatic, she relays: “In true PLL fashion we will create a very, very good cliffhanger for season 4.”

The cast and writers of Pretty Little Liars had some scoop to relay Entertainment Weekly about the end of season 3, and this spoiler just might be the biggest one yet: The identity of our red-coated villiAn will finally be revealed in the season 3 finale, the actresses behind the Liars only revealing that the girls will “recognize” Red Coat “as part of their past”.

But is that really our only clue, and does it say what we think it says? That “Red Coat” may be Ali, or her twin, after all? PLL writer and executive producer, Oliver Goldstick adds something very interesting.

“It’s not definitive. The finale is a shocker.”

Does this suggest that the season 3 finale could leave us with an “is it Ali or Ali’s twin” sort of cliffhanger? How do you expect to be shocked after this season’s finale of Pretty Little Liars?




    And that scene when “someone” drugged emily, and she woke up and can’t remember anything. Then one day, she remembered that she saw jenna beside her driving a car. I really think it’s Jenna.

  • Peppa Pig

    But brah that day jenna had brunette hair and Emily said that the girl in the red coat had blonde

  • Lily

    its called a wig. we’ve already seen jenna as a blonde anyway, in season 2′s halloween episode, both Ali and Jenna dressed as Lady Gaga, so it won’t be a shoker if we DO see her in the blonde coloured wig again, :) i really hope Aria is somehow associated with the -A Team REAL bad, though…

  • d

    Isnt Jenna, Ali was part of she´s past on Courtney Skin, she´s part of the past.
    Jenna was only a figurative since she could do part of -A team at Ali side. Like Mona

  • Zoe Fang

    Maybe Jenna. She looks similar to Red Coat’s frame..

  • aubrey malone

    okay so there are two red coats and basically one is a brunette and the other is blonde it could be “vivian dark bloom” and cece or it could be ali and jenna, we will find out almost all the members in the a team and we find ali’s killer and the person jenna talked to in the park in the season two finale and wilden may or may not have killed cece and the body is not toby it’s jason because toby is in this episode and in season 4 he and spencer will talk about why he joined the a team and the first episode has one of his flashbacks about his mom and stuff so yea. we are going to find out everything!! and also spencer IS on the a team!!(:

  • erika

    if its someone we have not seen in a while who is blonde dose anyone reber hannahs half sister whos evil?

  • Cc

    I’m sure it’ll be Courtney. Even if they don’t reveal it in this episode any other A would be stupid.

  • Tanya Marcy

    Haha. Yeah. That would be kind of anti-climactic, wouldn’t it? (: