Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Ezria Spoilers: Ezra Steps Back, Little Brother Wes Steps In

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February 5, 2013

Updated Spoiler! Pretty Little Liars writer, Bryan Holdman tweeted the other day that Ezria fans shouldn’t give up hope – and judging by the latest spoilers, we sure could use some reassurance.

You know what Spencer always says, “Hope breeds eternal misery.”

Ezra might have reassured Aria (and us) in last week’s episode, “Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno” – but that still doesn’t change the fact that big changes are in store for Ezra and Aria as a couple, since Ezra found out about his son.

Pretty Little Liars writer and executive producer, Oliver Goldstick is here to remind us of that.

“It’s huge, it’s profound. It does make [Ezra] reevaluate the other relationships in his life, like Aria, like living in Rosewood and this child it at a distance. It’s huge for him,” executive producer Oliver Goldstick previews. “He has to make some decisions and figure things out and take a step back from his relationship with Aria.” Oh, and guess who is coming back into Aria’s life? “Wouldn’t you know it, when [Ezra] steps back, Wes [Gregg Sulkin], his little brother, steps in, who is strangely comforting to Aria in a time when he shouldn’t be,” Goldstick teases.

Do you think Wes comforting Aria while Ezra is away will lead to some confusion on Aria’s part?

Source: E! Online

  • Karina

    Why is it becoming a popular storyline to make the girl be with brothers? Can we keep it outside the family please?