Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Finale: Is “A” the Cliffhanger?

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March 14, 2012

The Pretty Little Liars season 2 finale, “unmAsked” airs next week, and PLL producer Lisa Cochran-Neilan has dropped another spoiler bomb on us – that there will be a cliffhanger, and it just might have to do with “A”.

In response to Zap2It‘s pondering, “…is the “A” reveal the cliffhanger? Or perhaps does it happen before the final frames of the episode?”, Lisa had this to say:

“Both. How’s that?” she laughs. “Basically, there’s a new chapter [starting]. [Executive producer] Marlene King made a comment in the very beginning when she went off to write the finale that this was going to be an ending and a beginning. And she delivered.”

It’s been said that a character death will be one of the plot points contributing to this “ending”, and as TV OverMind points out, we do have some clues as to who the death might not be:

“You may recall that way back in October, before the midseason premiere, there was a preview touting ‘Somone Will Die’ this season. Well, the death still hasn’t happened yet, and we’re starting to dread what is sure to be a heartbreaking season finale. Thankfully, we can cross a few people off our death watch list: Caleb, Melissa, and Paige are all said to be returning for season 3, and we’re almost positive Toby and Ezra will be back as well. Unfortunately, everyone else in the cast is still fair game.”

It’s also been confirmed by showrunner Marlene King that Brendan Robinson (Lucas) and Holly Marie Combs (Ella Montgomery) will also be returning next season. So does that mean we can rule them out as possible character deaths, too? Speculate away about that, and the season finale “cliffhanger” in the comments.

  • Cara

    i think the one to die will be Emily’s dad and he dies in war… that would be most heart braking seeings how a lot of American family’s have gone through this themselves. but i hope i am wrong i really like his character and wish there was more with him in it. 

  • ? Arinola ?

    Personally, I believe Paige McCullers is A!! 

  • Britt26599

    I think Mona will die, it needs to be someone signifcant yet not someone that will completely throw things out of wack (like killing a main character) and Mona has been getting more show time than usual, I also think that A is Jenna giving orders to Noel and everyone in the soiciety Garret is involved in, It would be convient for joel to be A after Mona is killed because mona didn’t start getting A text messages until after they had broken up….it could be him abusing his A power and we know that there was something between Jenna and Joel because invited her to his halloween party, I think Joel killed Ally and helped jenna get revenge for the lairs putting out her eye

  • Castrocamera

    EM’s dad is not a MAIN character and it would be lame. It has to be someone that people will be shocked by.

  • PostSecret

    “Someone will die.” <– Melissa's baby. Hanna will run over her, maybe. 

  • ZiaulH

    actually i think that Maya is A. Partly because she got into a car with someone and i think that someone is Garrett. But I guess it doesn’t make sense since she always leaves during the season but then again that could perfectly show the possibility of her being A.

  • Taikiera

    Yes , i said the same thing . And it said it was someone from the pilot… And for all we know she could be working with Allison.. but my bet is it has something to do with her ! Most deff.

  • Taikiera

    Noo.. she wasnt in the pillot.. and they said its somene thats been there since the pilot so its Maya ; Ezra ; or Aly herselff.

  • pllfinatic

    agreed! because in the books, mona is one of the a’s… there is two….


    i think that the person who dies will be “A.” in the books there is an “A” (MOna) then they find out then she dies then for the next books there is a new “A” so i think whoever “A” is will die and the new “A” will come into play next season. plus the way mona (A) dies in the books is that she falls off a cliff so this might happen in the show giving it the “Cliff” hanger they’re talking about here

  • Rihannacruz

    i think its a is Mya because its weird how coincediendly that Mya moves were ali was living and its weird how everytime the liars become closer to find a she disapperars and also Mya dated Emily after her.

  • Sabrina Ann Radcliffe

    well allison is not dead from what i have read, she had a twin that allison killed b/c her sister was trying to be her and her parent put her in a mental hospital but allison went instead and escaped and killed her sister and now she is A