Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 25 “unmAsked” Canadian Promo

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March 13, 2012

Take a look at the canadian promo for Pretty Little Liars, season 2 episode 25, “unmAsked”. Who do you think “A” is?

  • Alison

    A is Ali’s twin sister who hated her

  • Annissa

    i think it might be jenna because they said the shows different form the books 

  • Alison

    but i know it for sure!

  • Michaelawayla

    A is EZRA and JACKIE

  • Amanda Vandorn3

    I think A is Maya kinda. however jackie didnt seem like a suspect until now.. but did you not see the end of the trailer? Maya was in a black swan sorta looking thing and they said A was dressed as the black swan. Gahh they are messing with us.

  • Pink_54321

    dunno! cnt wait to find owt

  • Aria

    A is Ezra.Ezra must have met alison.he must have fallen in love with her.And when he came to know that he was dating some other guy he started threating her and than he found aria.Come on he was in the same bar at the same time and why he would be so into aria 

  • Aria

    And it could be Mona too.The scene when ali and aria ran when they saw mona and than found aria’s dad cheating.Maybe mona was following them and she could get a easy pass at hannah’s place too

  • Kmullin98

    its maya. 

  • Ucf_

    its Caleb! mark my words

  • MONA

    Its mona :)