Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 22 “Father Knows Best” Guide

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February 19, 2012

Now you can read the official guide released by ABC Family, for season 2 episode 22 of Pretty Little Liars, “Father Knows Best”. Check it out below:

Rosewood’s Father-Daughter Dance brings great tension as relationships are strained in “Father Knows Best”.


  • Series Regular Chad Lowe (Byron Montgomery) Goes Behind the Lens to Direct the Episode
  • One father has a guilty conscience, one has a daughter he doesn’t trust, one is hiding a secret from his daughter and the other father is MIA – all-in-all it is not the ideal time for Rosewood’s annual Father-Daughter Dance. With fathers looking to make amends and daughters trying to keep the peace, the annual dance looks to be anything but fun.
  • Meanwhile, Ashley continues her hunt to find answers about what is going on with Hanna with help from a surprising source.