Pretty Little Liars Producer Shares Insight on Elusive A and Season 2 Finale

Pretty Little Liars Producer Shares Insight on Elusive A and Season 2 Finale

So which cast member laughed during the table read of the season 2 finale? Yep, somebody laughed. But what we the fans want to know is not who laughed, but why. Is the identity of "A" completely unexpected? Did said cast member try to scream and laugh instead? Does "A" look funny?

Okay, who are we kidding. We kind of want to know who laughed too. So who's the guilty cast member? Ian Harding (Ezra Fitz):

"We really went a couple of extra miles to hold on to this information. The one thing that was fun for all of us, was we kept it from the series regulars. Yes, on the cast read-through everybody was handed the script. So, Ian laughing? Maybe it was the relief of finally knowing, I do remember everyone 'ooh'ing and 'ahh'ing."

Should we be prepping ourselves to laugh in shock, then?

"...I’m telling you, come March, you’re all going to be screaming at your TVs."

In a good way, says Pretty Little Liars producer, Lisa Cochran-Neilan (@lisacochranpll). She herself says she didn't see it coming when she first found out who "A" is - and that showrunner Marlene King probably had a lot of different ideas early on, as to who the "A" suspects might be in the TV series.

So who's "A"? We'll have to wait until the season 2 finale to find out. In the meantime, here are a few other spoiler-clues Lisa shared in her exclusive interviews here and here with Wetpaint Entertainment:

  • There are two mysteries on Pretty Little Liars - who is "A", and then who killed Alison. And they may or may not be related.

    "Clues sometimes help you believe that it can or cannot be the same person, based on if you’re listening to the clues. The girls are actually trying to put it together in the story in dialogue, but they are two very separate lines that run through the series."

  • We will be seeing Toby (Keegan Allen) again!

    "Oh you’re gonna see Toby [Keegan Allen]. I think everyone loves, well again, that’s Spoby. Marlene and [producer] Oliver [Goldstick] truly do listen to what the fans say and there are times when discussions are had where names will come up and I think that when the audience really positively responds to some of the relationships, it’s safe to say that we will venture to keep certain things alive."

  • Hey, where's that "hottie in Rosewood alert" we've been waiting for? If you mean upcoming guest star Lachlan Buchanan, he'll most likely be making his appearance closer to the end of the season.
  • Since the writers haven't even started prepping for season 3 'bout one last scoop on this season's finale, in one word? (Or maybe more.)

    "If I had to choose one I would say in many ways, it’s heartbreaking. Although you are going to laugh, it’s visually beautiful, it answers things, there’s a lot of “Oh my Gods.” But I think it’s heartbreaking and I think our girls deliver."

    There's that "laugh" again. Voice your excitement and speculations on the Pretty Little Liars season 2 March finale in the comments!