Pretty Little Spoilers: What Does “A” Have to Do with Psycho?

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January 19, 2012


“First of all, they didn’t give us the script until we got there so it was a complete cold read. If you could have been a fly on the wall we were all shocked. It was amazing and I wish somebody could have captured that on tape because our reactions were pretty funny. All season it’s a hunt to find out who A is and by the end the girls go through a lot and the stakes are raised. They finally find A and at the end of the season, you will too. I honestly don’t know what’s in store after that.”

If our PLL starlets were shocked at the reveal of A‘s identity, then what hopes do we fans have of a heart attack-free season 2 finale? While Lucy Hale (Aria Montgomery) assures us that none of the girls die by the end of the season, they do have some close calls as usual – and for good reason. Showrunner Marlene King recently teased more about A, and some other “reveals” as well:

“There are a few other big reveals that come up in the first several episodes – there’s something else the girls are about to find that are about to lead them to her. There’s also two parallel paths the girls take in 2B. There’s the Hunt For A but they also find out something about Allison that they didn’t know and they start retracing her steps from the Halloween episode to her death. There’s a big revelation about Allison that is shocking and filled with mystery and fun also.”

In addition to uncovering more of Alison’s story, the girls will lead us to discovering more about Garrett and Jenna, too:

“Clab NAT plays a significant role in 2B. And we’re really going to get to know a lot more about Garrett, The “Jarett” love story, their connection to Allison and possibly A.”

What else has a connection to A? The movie, Psycho. Continuing with the theme of an Alfred Hitchcock homage in the season finale, Marlene also tells us a little bit about the finale for season 2:

“There is a shower scene, I’ll tell you that,” says King. “At a creepy motel.”

Bringing Psycho to a younger generation of girls. We love it. We’ll also love finally finding out just who this A really is that’s been torturing our Liar girls – and if Marlene King’s “her” means anything, some of us PLL fans already have some pretty good guesses. Head to the comments and share yours!

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    Well “her” has to mean something significant. But is it necessarily talking about who A is or who someone else is? 

    I’m just not convinced that A is Jenna… it’s too obvious. I know they are kinda pushing us in that direction… but too much just doesn’t match up for it to be Jenna. And we learned that Jenna and Ali met before Noel’s Halloween party. Didn’t Ali get a text like 2 seconds after she met Jenna? Did Jenna just have something with Ali that quick? 
    Even though there hasn’t been much evidence and I know it’s far fetched, there’s still something telling me that Mona has something to do with it. I know her and Hanna are friends now and her and Spencer had that “bonding” moment or whatever last episode, but Ali was always so mean to her. Plus, Mona started “changing” during Halloween time, when Ali started getting texts. It would still make sense to me if it ended up having something to do with her. As for the guys, Garrett and Jason could still have something to with it. They’re both so shady. 

    The part about “something about Ali they didn’t even know”… is that just that she was getting A texts before she died too? I’m really excited for that creepy motel scene though… that’s gonna be perfect.