Pretty Little Spoilers: Two Male "Liars" Cast for Season 2

Pretty Little Spoilers: Two Male "Liars" Cast for Season 2

When the second half of Pretty Little Liars season 2 returns, executive producer Marlene King tells us two new Rosewood dudes will enter A's picture:

"We have two new Rosewood hotties coming to town. [Alexander Nifong] plays a blind student at the blind school where Jenna did her rehabilitation in Philadelphia, and he's going to play a significant role in the show."

Alexander Nifong, who previously played Jeremiah in the "Silly Love Songs" season 2 episode of Glee (a.k.a. the guy Blaine sang to at the Gap), has been cast as new character, Sam. But what about the other dude?

The Secret Life of the American Teenager's Shane Coffey (a.k.a. Amy's former boyfriend, Jimmy Nash) will be coming on over to the set of PLL in episodes 15 and 16 of season 2 to play Holden, an old childhood friend of Aria's. Byron's friend-slash-colleague (Anthony Tyler Quinn, Boy Meets World) is back in Rosewood, and he brings his sixteen-year-old son with him. Exec producer Marlene King goes on to say that Shane/Holden is "the first guy we're casting as our male pretty little liar." Cool.

Anybody else also watch Glee and Secret Life? Will be interesting to see a couple slightly familiar faces as some new guys in Rosewood, won't it?

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