Pretty Little Spoilers: Shay Mitchell Says Season 2 is "Intense"

Pretty Little Spoilers: Shay Mitchell Says Season 2 is "Intense"

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Ever since the the Pilot, to say everything Pretty Little Liars is "intense" is an understatement. But PLL actress, Shay Mitchell (Emily) tells us that the second half of season 2, and season 2 in general, is particularly gripping:

"It’s really intense – even more intense than the first season, I think,” she told us. “Fights, a lot of kissing, new hot people and [we’re] this close to finding out who ‘A’ is, if we haven’t already found out.”

More hot people in Rosewood is never a bad thing. So what can Shay say about "hottie" newcomer to the cast, Lachlan Buchanan?

“He’s fresh meat to Rosewood, so we’re all learning about him,” Shay says of his character, Duncan. “I don’t actually know much about him yet. I’ve only shot one scene with him.”

Shay also says that Lachlan's character, Duncan will be having some interactions with a couple of our Liar girls. Think she's including Emily in that count, or will Lachlan be shooting scenes with pretty much all of the girls?

As for Emily's relationship with Maya (Bianca Lawson), it's still there but Shay's not one hundred percent sure of where the show is taking them as a couple.

“Who knows what Emily is doing,” she told us. “I’m not actually sure. Yes, Maya is back, but it’s Rosewood and things are always up and down so we’ll see. But Emily is having fun.”

Season 2 promises to be quite the (intense) season. What spoilers from Shay are you most excited about, PLL fans?

Source: Wetpaint Entertainment