Pretty Little Spoilers on Spoby, Ezria, and More! Details on Season 2B Premier

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December 2, 2011

If you can believe it, even more scoop has been unleashed for the midseason premier, season 2 episode 14, “Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares” airing Monday, January 2.

Check out this rad list of spoiler snippets via Oology, including the dish on Ezria (Ezra and Aria) and Spoby (Spencer and Toby):

  • “Two of the girls get out of [community] service early, but two more girls do something that winds up getting them in trouble.”
  • “Spencer and Emily are fighting in the very first scene of the premiere, and the reasoning for that lies in how they each want to deal with ‘A’ after he put them all in jail.”
  • “Emily in particular is at odds with the rest of the girls – so much so that she may turn to an extremely dangerous ememy for support.”
  • “[Ezria's] storyline takes up a lot of the premiere, and it’s really shocking!…Aria and Ezra finally come clean to Aria’s parents. The scene where they do so is certainly one of my favorites in the season. It’s amazing, pretty realistic, and after complaining for months about my frustrations with them not stepping out as a couple, my anger was finally put to rest.”
  • “There is no kiss between [Aria and Ezra] in the season premiere. There is, however, a kiss between _____ and _____. And it’s super romantic!”
  • “‘Was the box that Emily found in the January clips the same box from the Halloween episode??‘…YES. And the thing about it is, ‘A’ wants that box. Really, really badly.”
  • “The girls get closer to ‘A’ than ever before, and when all’s said and done, the tables will completely turn. The chase will go from ‘A’ hunting the girls to the girls hunting ‘A’ after they _i__ __s ___l ___n_.”
  • “[Spencer and Toby] talk. They talk more than once. At least one of them is their biggest fight ever…there’s a strange scene between them where Spencer says “I do” a lot and I may be overreacting but it seems to be foreshadowing something…”
  • No new characters introduced in the premier, but – “…there are new characters on the way, and one of my favorite characters makes a rare appearance in the premiere!
  • “I’ll confirm that no one dies in the premiere… but who may push up daisies by the end of the year? You never know with this show!”

What do you think of that? Sound off in the comments with your speculations as to how possible you think a death might be before the end of the season.

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    what word goes in this ????????????? _i__ __s ___l ___n_.”
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    i cant figure it out either, i was hoping someone would have commented the answer, its killing me!

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    Kill his girl friend!