Pretty Little Spoilers: More Ezria, and We’re Gonna Get Some Wrencer

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October 5, 2011

Even more Ezria?? I know, I know. How is that even possible? And do we care? It’s more Ezria! Never a bad thing. Although who knows whether good things or bad things will arise from this spoiler let loose by showrunner Marlene King:

“Ezra steps up in the premiere [season 2, episode 14] – A LOT.”

As has been pointed out, this could mean any number of things. Telling Ella and Byron the truth, giving Jackie a piece of his mind, getting in on the A action. Or how about all three?

And sorry Spoby fans, but while Spencer (Troian Bellisario) is taking a time-out from Toby (Keegan Allen) to keep him out of A‘s evil clutches, she just might fall back into the arms of Wren (Julian Morris). Or at least fall back into his charming company. Either way, according to Marlene King, we’re “gonna get some Wrencer in [Season 2].

Any Liars fans out there for the Ezria (Aria and Ezra) or Wrencer (Spencer and Wren) ships? And is anyone as broken-hearted as I am at the possibility of less Toby? Comments time!

Source: Wetpaint Entertainment