Pretty Little Spoilers: Look Forward to Some "A" Answers

Pretty Little Spoilers: Look Forward to Some "A" Answers

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“Fans should be really excited for a lot of things [in Season 2B],” Pieterse tells TVLine. “But mainly they should look forward to answers.”

Answers definitely would be nice when it comes to anything Pretty Little Liars. Luckily Sasha Pieterse, actress behind Alison DiLaurentis, has some answers, or at least some hints, to give:

“You have not seen the girls like you’re about to see them — especially in the first few episodes! You’ll be seeing more of Alison, too,” Pieterse continues with a laugh. “I don’t know how much I can tell you, [but] it’s definitely [in a way] fans have never seen before.”

For Halloween, we were trick-or-treated to a special PLL episode ("The First Secret") as a prequel to the series. But just because it was an episode featuring Ali alive and in the flesh before A started it all, didn't mean there weren't more A-related hints to go around:

"There were a lot of cute clues from that episode,” [Pieterse] says. “You’re going to see the tie between several of those webs…"

But are the ties that bond the girls strong enough to withstand more from A? Discuss in the comments what you think A might have in store for the girls in the upcoming winter episodes, and what role Alison might be playing in this second half of season 2.

Source: TV Line