Pretty Little Spoilers: Jenna Getting Sight Surgery

Pretty Little Spoilers: Jenna Getting Sight Surgery

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In the Halloween prequel episode we might just be seeing a Jenna with eyes. In 2012 though, we're back to new episodes and a Jenna sans sight.

But maybe not. Executive producer Marlene King has mentioned in a recent Pretty Little Liars casting notice that an upcoming storyline will involve Jenna looking into surgery to regain her sense of sight:

"She is definitely going to go forward with the surgery."

Although it is strongly being hinted that the surgery might not go as successful as Jenna plans. Think A will enter into the picture here, or do you think Jenna and Garret are really the only ones behind it all?

And because a PLL spoiler round-up would not be complete without the guys, here's a couple spoilers for you on Lucas and Caleb:

  • The second half of season 2 will follow Brendan Robinson's character, Lucas more closely, and the Halloween episode "The First Secret" will be a great precursor to his upcoming storyline.
  • Hanna just might be introduced to Caleb's mom sooner than we think - the producers are giving some serious thought to Caleb's mother entering the picture (well, at least more so that we can see her).

Anybody have any casting ideas for Caleb's mom?

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