Pretty Little Spoilers for Season 2 Finale, "unmAsked": We'll Definitely Be Seeing Alison

Pretty Little Spoilers for Season 2 Finale, "unmAsked": We'll Definitely Be Seeing Alison

In an exclusive interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, Sasha Pieterse (Alison DiLaurentis) chatted about Ali, the Halloween prequel episode...and the "exciting" season 2 finale coming up, where it's finally disclosed who's been holding the "A" moniker over our girls all this time. But one thing Sasha said in particular makes you want to go, "Ooh!"

"You'll definitely be seeing me [Alison]. Can't tell you how, but you're going to be seeing me. That's for sure."

Think it's 'bout time the twin plot line from the books is introduced? While we don't know for sure this is what Sasha is alluding to, you have to admit your mind does go there. What kind of role do you think Alison will play in the season finale? Another "dream sequence"...more flashbacks, maybe?

Someone else who's going to play a part in the season finale had some new spoilers to share with E! Online, as well. The man behind Ezra Fitz, Ian Harding - otherwise known as the "guy who laughed during the season finale table read". (Hey, it's "A"-related, how can I not repeat it?)

So what did Ian have to share? He says the identity of "A" "makes sense" and there's no reason to fear the show ending anytime soon:

"Once I discovered who they were, I went, 'Oh! It makes sense!' Then towards the end of the finale, things move around a little bit, so it's not neat. There's no closure. Like everything in Rosewood, you find out this secret and all the girls kind of go, 'Phew! Yay!' And then something happens and they're thrown for a loop..... [The finale is] so juicy and smack-you-in-the-face with surprise."

Could one of these surprises have something to do with Aria? As far as Ezria in the finale goes...:

"A big decision is made and a big step is kind of decided upon. It's very all-or-nothing after this."

Speaking of all or nothing...I'm fully prepared to fork over the spoilers. Check out some more below for season 2, the finale, and beyond:

So what's up with Ali in the season 2 finale? What "big decision" is in store for Ezria? Hit the comments!