Pretty Little Spoilers for Season 2 Episodes 22 & 25, and More!

Pretty Little Spoilers for Season 2 Episodes 22 & 25, and More!

How many episodes does it take to make up a Pretty Little Liars season 2? PLL writer, Charlie Craig shared the answer on Twitter:

"@pimpronelle21 Last episode is #225, written by all-star @imarleneking"

Yep, not only do we get a whopping total of 25 episodes for season 2 (leaving a remainder of 12 episodes to go!), we also get the season finale written by the boss woman herself, Showrunner Marlene King.

The mid-season premiere airs in January so until winter sets in, soak up some spoilers for season 2, including a new one for episode 22:

  • We know the Liars are careful who they trust their secrets with, and Hanna's no exception to the rule. Later this season she entrusts Caleb with a secret of hers that not even Aria, Spencer, or Emily knows about - and may or may not have something to do with Hanna's mom's stealing episode.
  • PLL editor Lois Blumenthal has tweeted another on-set pic! This time of a scene that involves Spencer opening a box (see to your right). Thinking it might be Ali's box, from underneath her floorboards? Could be....
  • In other relationshippy news, Maya will be having lunch with Emily's mom, Pam (Nia Peeples) soon. According to Marlene King, "Maya will make u laugh your A off during a lunch w Pam." Ah, notice what she did there with A? Clever, Marlene. Very clever.

Which PLL spoilers are you most excited about?

Sources: Marlene King via Twitter, Lois Blumenthal via Twitter