Pretty Little Spoilers: Be on the Lookout for Ezria

Pretty Little Spoilers: Be on the Lookout for Ezria

Aria and Ezra have been sweating and dodging bullets with their relationship for a whole season and a half now, and it's not looking like it will get any better. In fact, Ian Harding (Ezra Fitz) assures us there will be a bit of a showdown in an episode to come:

"[It] involves a lot of the cast, some of the parent cast, and it's very tumultuous. We had a fight coordinator."

Sounds serious. Though not as serious as the possibility of somebody (Ella Montgomery?) finally finding out the secret, which Ian Harding tells us will be within the "next couple of episodes". Yikes!

Anything else coming up on the Ezria side of things? A little bit. Including a "moment" in the Halloween episode, airing in October. Check it out:

  • While not a full-on Ezria scene, Aria and Ezra do have a sort of moment in the upcoming Halloween episode prequel to the series, "The First Secret". Ian Harding has some Where's Waldo-ish dish for us: "There's the possibility you'll see me very quickly. You have to look really hard." This Ezria "moment" is something executive producer Marlene King has also talked about.

  • Lucy Hale (Aria) recently tweeted this Ezria photo, captioning with it: "A picture from what i consider to be the most epic ezria scene to date...wont air until next yr...but a little preview ;). How epic exactly, are we talking here?

Ezria fans, head for the comments to let loose on your ideas of what you think that "epic Ezria" scene might be all about, and your speculation on how the cat's finally gonna come out the bag.

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