Pretty Little Spoilers: “A” Reveals More Spoilers in Texts!

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December 21, 2011


What did I tell you? A is making the entertainment/TV website rounds – first Wetpaint Entertainment, and now there’s a couple of other sites that recently received some real-life text messages from A!

Check out the spoilery texts A sent to E! Online:

So why does “A” hate Hannah, Aria, Emily and Spencer so much?

“There’s a thin line between love and hate. -A” was the mysterious response. Hmmm…Does this mean “A” isn’t as wicked as we thought?

“Would you prefer to remain anonymous always, or do you want the girls to find out who you are eventually?” we asked next.

“Only one of them. -A” Oooh! Which Liar will learn “A”‘s secret identity?

Want more? You know you do. Visit The Entertainment Hotline next for their full text Q&A with A.

Creepy, right? Gather any more clues about A‘s identity?