Pretty Little Spoiler: Who Is 'A'? We've Heard Their Voice...

Pretty Little Spoiler: Who Is 'A'? We've Heard Their Voice...

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Wetpaint Entertainment recently got a text from A (I know, creepy, right? Are we next...??), but it wasn't just to send idle threats for leading PLL fans to spoilers about his/her possible reveal - it was to actually reveal a spoiler himself...herself...itself?

Check this out, so Wetpaint posed a question to our favorite TV text-stalker, and got a reply:

We asked "A" if we’ll ever hear his/her voice on PLL and here was their response":

“You already have. - A”

So who could it be? Based on what we've seen in the past (and especially in the Halloween episode, "The First Secret"), it very well could be anyone from Mona (Janel Parrish) to Lucas (Brendan Robinson) and beyond. Although does it kill the Alison "evil twin" theory? Maybe not if her twin from the books was posing as Ali at all in some scenes we've seen (the barn, *cough*cough*).

Though there is one possible A suspect you might not have thought of in a while. Lindsey Shaw's (10 Things I Hate About You) character, Paige (Emily's "crazy ex-girlfriend") will be making her return in the season 2 finale - the same episode we'll discover just who A actually is. Coincidence?

A source tells [Hollywood Life] that Lindsey’s grand re-entrance is being held for the May 19 season finale, and she’s expected to return for season three “because her storyline is hot.”

I'm a huge fan of Lindsey, no matter how crazy Paige is or might get in the future, so I definitely find this exciting news! But whether A turns out to be Mona, Lucas, Paige, or somebody different altogether, Sara Shepard - author of the book series - thinks that it's a big possibility that the A in the books and the A in the TV series could be two (or more?) completely different people:

I don’t know who their “A” is, and I kind of like that I don’t know. It could go either way. I think a lot of people are thinking, “Well, I’m dying to know who “A” is, so I’m just going to read the books!” But in the series, there are three different “As.”

There’s part of me that wonders if it could be the same “A” that I have. But then part of me thinks they’re too smart for that and would actually make it someone else to really confuse readers. I’m sure they plot [the series] the same way I plot the books. They know exactly who it is, and they have seeded all these little clues that will seem really obvious once “A” is revealed. Then, we’ll have to go back and watch all the episodes all over again.

Now, who do you think A is? Have you changed your theories at all, based on this new info and speculation? Talk about A's possible identity in the comments!

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