Pretty Little Spoiler: Our Liar Girls Turn the Tables on 'A'

Pretty Little Spoiler: Our Liar Girls Turn the Tables on 'A'

The press caught up with ABC Family stars at the network's Winter Wonderland party, including Pretty Little Liars actresses Shay Mitchell (Emily), Troian Bellisario (Spencer), Lucy Hale (Aria), and Ashley Benson (Hanna). While Troian had some very interesting fan-related stories to tell, Lucy got right down to business and gave us another A-related hint:

“What’s really cool about the episodes coming up is the girls are sort of turning the tables a little bit on A, because they figure the only way to really trap this person is to play the game that [A is] playing.”

And what game might A be playing where our girls end up someplace other than the usual Rosewood and beyond hot spots in the season 2 finale? Showrunner Marlene King revealed that at least part of the finale (slated to air March 19, 2012) will be shot off-set:

Marlene tweeted this nugget earlier today: “HeAding out to tech scout for the BIG finAle. We're ActuAlly leAving the WB lot and going out into the world. BooyA!”

Have any ideas for why (and where) PLL might be scouting off the WB lot for the finale - and what it might have to do with A? Hit the comments with your theories!

Sources: Associated Press, Marlene King via Twitter