Pretty Little Spoiler: Lachlan Buchanan is New “Hottie” Liar Guy Duncan

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November 16, 2011

When Pretty Little Liars comes back with new winter episodes in January, there’s going to be another new dude in Rosewood, and he’s not just any dude. He’s a hot dude named Duncan, a new recurring character to be played by Lachlan Buchanan (Blue Water High, Working Class):

“Australian actor Lachlan Buchanan has snagged the recurring guest role of Duncan, Zap2it has confirmed. He’ll appear in at least two episodes (maybe more!) when “Pretty Little Liars” returns in 2012. Duncan is the latest hottie who Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hanna encounter as they unravel Alison’s secrets.”

Even though he’s only set for two episodes so far, it’s pretty unlikely he’s just in town for your average visit. What light, if any, do you think Duncan can shed on the mysteries surrounding A and Alison’s death?

Source / Image credit: Zap2It