Pretty Little Spoiler: Jason is Related to...

Pretty Little Spoiler: Jason is Related to...

As if there weren't enough secrets to go around on Pretty Little Liars, when the winter episodes start up with the second half of season 2, Alison's brother, Jason DiLaurentis will get a new sort of storyline that turns him from creepy brother into someone else entirely with this shocking new spoiler from actor Drew Van Acker:

"Jason comes back to town looking for answers as to who his real father is," Drew says. "We'll learn my character is related to one of the four little liars, which shakes things up a lot. The four of them have always seen Jason as this mysterious creep, but once they find out whom I'm related to, it changes the trust issue."

Which Liar do you think Jason could be related to? With all the secretiveness between the Hastings and the DiLaurentis family, I bet you anything it's Spencer. Especially once I came upon this other exciting scoop via actress Lucy Hale (Aria Montgomery):

“[Jason] has a huge part on the show, but as far as him and Aria, they sort of hit a wall,” Lucy said. “I can say there might be a future with them later on in the show. His story line is mainly with Spencer when we get back.”

Woah, trippy. Think Jason's storyline with Spencer will be one of blood relations? Hit the comments!

Source: TV Guide, Hollywood Life / Image credit: TV Guide