Pretty Little Spoiler: Aria Might Be Doing More Kissing Than the “Epic” Ezria Kiss

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November 15, 2011

PLL actress, Lucy Hale teased a while back that an “epic” Ezra-and-Aria kiss is on the agenda for the upcoming season 2 winter episodes, but kept her lips sealed as far as the what-where-when-and-why (okay, maybe not the why…).

Now though, Lucy was willing to share the details on the “epicness” of it when asked what her favorite Ezria kiss might be:

“It hasn’t aired yet, but [my favorite kiss] is a scene with Ezra that will air in the second half of [Season 2],” Lucy dished. “It’s pretty epic. It involves rain, it’s at night time, and it’s very romantic.”

Epic? That’s putting it mildly. I’m sure it will definitely be a moment for Ezria fans to keep on their PLL radar.

As far as keeping her lips sealed for Ezra though, Aria might be doing a little more straying as far as her love life is concerned, and it probably won’t be with Drew Van Acker’s character, Jason DiLaurentis due to this shocking spoiler here. But Lucy also shares that it is a possibility:

“There’s the possibility [that Aria will kiss someone else],” Lucy told us. “Most of her kisses will be going to Ezra. But it’s Rosewood, Pennsylvania, and Pretty Little Liars world, and there’s always boys rotating in and out, so it’s a possibility.”

Think it’s a big possibility, or is Lucy just trying to spook us? Hit the comments and share your Ezria excitement!

Source: Wetpaint Entertainment