Pretty Little Spoiler: Aria & Ezra's "Coming-Out Party" is "Disastrous"

Pretty Little Spoiler: Aria & Ezra's "Coming-Out Party" is "Disastrous"

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In this Entertainment Weekly "Spoiler Room" video, EW's Sandra Gonzalez reveals from her quick interview with Lucy Hale (Aria Montgomery) that the situation doesn't exactly pan out in an ideal way when Ezra decides to take his relationship with Aria to the next level by coming clean to her parents. In fact, according to some E! Online scoop, it's downright "disastrous":

Ezra walks out of a disastrous coming-out party at the Montgomery's with a split lip...."

Yikes! And Ella and Byron wonder where Mike gets his temper? Or maybe it's Mike that goes all ninja on Ezra? Based on what we can see in the promo, I wouldn't doubt it. I hear this isn't the one and only PLL brawl coming up, either. But Lucy (Aria) assures us that Ezra and Aria will get through it.

Ezria fans, think Aria's parents will eventually cool their jets? Hit the comments and share your likes/dislikes for the big Ezria moment coming up.