Pretty Little Liars Spoilers from Pretty Dirty Secrets Episode 1 “A Reservation”

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September 9, 2012

The first installment of Pretty Little Liars‘ new web series, Pretty Dirty Secrets might have been a short one, but it did do a heck of a job giving the ABC Family web spinoff a sinister start.

In “A Reservation”, we see the familiar backdrop of the Halloween “Spooktacular” store we first saw in last year’s special Halloween episode, but we also see, or rather hear, something else – the garbled, unknown voice of “A” leaving a voice mail on the store phone.

“I’m calling to check on my Halloween costume. It’s under the name -”

But of course the name itself is cut off from the message. Under what name do you think “A” has this costume reserved? And is it the same “A” we saw at the very end of the season 3A finale episode, with the Halloween poster?

It could be a coincidence, but then how many coincidences happen in Rosewood?

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