Prepare to Freak Out: Sasha Pieterse Talks Secrets and the Halloween Episode

Prepare to Freak Out: Sasha Pieterse Talks Secrets and the Halloween Episode

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We've all kind of figured out from the spoilers given us that the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode (episode 13, "The First Secret") is pretty Alison-centric, as confirmed by her actress, Sasha Pieterse:

"It's all from Alison's point of view. All the flashbacks so far have been from the girls' point of view. This is from Alison's point of view, so there are even scenes with Alison alone, which is something we've never had before. It's interesting to see how she remembers it. It gets really interesting, especially with Jenna."

Set as a prequel to the series, the episode takes place before Alison "disappears". Of course, the episode is called "The First Secret" for a reason, as Sasha also tells us - which can only mean that we'll learn more about the girls' real in-the-flesh relationships with Alison, and how all that got started. We'll also learn more about...A.

"I can't really say too much, but you're not sure," says Pieterse. "It's that costume that everyone wears, so you're not sure who's in it. It's going to keep you guessing as to who's in the costume."

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And what a creepy costume it is. Alison will also be having her first run-in with Jenna, who's willing to take a hefty risk by mimicking Ali's "Lady G" (Lady Gaga) costume.

Sasha Pieterse (Alison) also has some other spoiler snippets for us, Halloween episode-related and beyond. Check those out below:

  • We'll be seeing Ian and Melissa again in the Halloween episode, which will definitely prove interesting to the whole A plot, I'm sure. There's also something going on between Ian, Melissa, and an unknown third person in the second half of the second season, to air this coming winter/spring.
  • Ian's relationship with Alison might be explained a little more, or we might at least glean some new information on the subject - specifically that Ian is more into his "technology" (a.k.a. video cameras) than Alison herself.
  • Expect the Halloween episode ("The First Secret") to be a little more intense than the PLL episodes we're used to. Imagine a regular episode with all the thriller-suspense-creepiness maximized about ten times - A is definitely not "messing around" this time. But Sasha assures us that things will start to "make sense" and that we will have answers.

You can catch ClevverTV's video interview with Sasha Pieterse (Alison) over here at Wetpaint Entertainment. She goes into her own personal theories concerning A, so it's well worth a watch for any hardcore Liars fans.

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