Post-Halloween Episode Spoilers: Ali's Journal Holds a Secret...

Post-Halloween Episode Spoilers: Ali's Journal Holds a Secret...

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...and it just could be our first clue as to who A actually is. Showrunner Marlene King recently took another small spoiler to Twitter, regarding Ali and her journal:

“Halloween spoiler. When Jason [Drew Van Acker] walks into Ali's bedroom she is writing in her journal,” tweeted Marlene. “It's relevant.”

So where is Ali's journal now, and what secrets (or names) might it hold? Definitely sounds like an upcoming plot line.

Speaking of upcoming plot of the book series will know Alison's twin sister, and it sounds like the twin storyline might be fast approaching the TV series too. Check out these hints spotted by Wetpaint Entertainment in the Halloween episode, "The First Secret":

  • The first obvious allusion to Ali having a twin in “The First Secret” was that killer-twin story she told to Hanna and the young boy they were babysitting.

  • Early in the episode, as the girls walk past that abandoned house, the camera then pans over to show a van labeled with “Radley Sanitarium.” This name not only continues the show’s many allusions to To Kill a Mockingbird, but is also — you guessed it! — the very institution that Ali’s twin was sent to in the books.

  • In the scene where Jason pops into Ali’s room, we see a framed photo of Jason on her wall...with a pic of Ali and her twin on either side of him!

With that last clue especially, the introduction of Alison's twin seems very likely. You might remember Marlene King spoiling back before the Halloween episode that the decor we see in Ali's room in "The First Secret" holds some importance. Woah. Creepy.

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