Pretty Little Liars POLL: How Did YOU React to the Season 4 Summer Finale?

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February 20, 2013

/ UPDATE: And here I thought the black baseball cap was an ‘A’ fashion statement….


I was going to leave this post void of spoilers, just in case some of you hadn’t seen the finale yet. Mostly because I know I wasn’t exactly thrilled to log-on Facebook during one certain finale to see Keegan Allen’s Toby Cavanaugh in a black hoodie.

But then I thought hey, where’s the fun in that?



Anywho, while we were all mesmerized by the “Who-the-heck-is-Red-Coat” question, in last night’s summer finale of Pretty Little Liars season 4 we were handed the actual BIG REVEAL – Ian Harding’s Ezra Fitz in some black ‘A’ garb of his own. WHY, MARLENE KING, WHY??


So, for those of you who have seen this season’s summer finale episode of PLL (and I’m talking all the way to the end), I’m curious. What was your reaction to the end reveal in season 4 episode 12 of Pretty Little Liars, “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t”?

Image credit: ABC Family (via E! Online)