More Paige in Rosewood? Interview with Lindsey Shaw

More Paige in Rosewood? Interview with Lindsey Shaw

In a recent interview with Lindsey Shaw (10 Things I Hate About You), Examiner delved into Lindsey's projects both past and present - including of course, her recurring role as Emily's nemesis-slash-former girlfriend Paige McCullers on Pretty Little Liars.

We've heard that we will for sure be seeing Paige again this season, and Lindsey was able to highlight the exact number of episodes for us:

"For their second season, I went back for two episodes, towards the end of the season – two of the last four episodes. I think you may be seeing Paige even more in Rosewood, maybe even in the third season. I think she has some unfinished business to resolve."

Hmm, unfinished business, she says.... Think Paige's reappearance has anything to do with "A", and will Lindsey reprise her role in season 3? Will this mean anything for Emily and Maya's renewed relationship? Talk about it all in the comments!

Photo credit: ABC Family