Maya/Paige Confrontation Changed? Bianca Lawson Tells

Maya/Paige Confrontation Changed? Bianca Lawson Tells

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If you were looking forward to a showdown of sorts between Maya (Bianca Lawson) and Emily's former flame, Paige (Lindsey Shaw), you might not want to get your hopes up. In their interview with Bianca, Hollywood Life uncovered a certain spoiler that, unlike the usual kind, is never going to happen:

“In one of the episodes I shot, there was supposed to be a Maya/Paige confrontation,” Bianca reveals. “It was so deliciously written, and I was so excited to meet and work with Lindsey. But then something came up — I think it was just a scheduling conflict — and it never got to happen. So that had to be sort of rewritten and changed.”

You were excited, Bianca - we were excited!

How do you think the "Maya vs. Paige" showdown was revised for the episode - and just how much of Lindsey Shaw do you think we'll get to see in her couple of episodes this season?