Lachlan Buchanan Says Duncan's Trustworthy, But You Never Know!

Lachlan Buchanan Says Duncan's Trustworthy, But You Never Know!

Aussie actor Lachlan Buchanan (Blue Water High, Working Class) is coming on Pretty Little Liars to play new Liar guy, Duncan, who Lachlan admits he's not entirely sure he's someone we (or the girls) can trust:

"They make such an effort to keep things mysterious," Lachlan told us as we hung out in his trailer, waiting for him to be called back to set. "I think Duncan's trustworthy at this point, but you never know with this show!"

Based on the hotness factor, I'm sure the girls are hoping he's trustworthy too. Lachlan also reveals that most of his scenes are with Lucy Hale, meaning his character, Duncan will be interacting most with Aria Montgomery:

Most of Lachlan's scenes this season are with Lucy, but given the way things wrap up at the end of the season, we wouldn't be surprised to see him back in the mix next year, interacting with the rest of the Roswood gang of juvenile delinquents.

We can't wait! For Lachlan's debut, or for the next shocking half of season 2 to come. Head to the comments and share your PLL theories, Duncan or otherwise.

Source: Zap2It / Photo credit: Getty Images