Pretty Little Liars Halloween Episode Spoilers: Lindsey Shaw Says the Special is "Like a Horror Film"

Pretty Little Liars Halloween Episode Spoilers: Lindsey Shaw Says the Special is "Like a Horror Film"

Updated Spoilers! Lindsey Shaw (Paige) told Hollywood Life that Paige and Spencer would have "a moment" in the Halloween episode - and after all Spencer's accusations toward Paige, it's a long time coming, don't you think?

"There's definitely a moment between Spencer and Paige where it’s spoken. Paige helps them with all the mischief going on in the train and solidifies her trustworthiness and has a special moment with Spencer. They’re all on board with Paige."

Lindsey also mentioned in her interview that the PLL Halloween episode would include "people running across train cars" and "people getting into crazy fights". Woah! Sounds intense.

"It's absolutely insane. It is truly like a horror film, and the costumes and makeup, the hair, insane. The amount of manpower that it took to achieve that every day was mind boggling, but it's a beautiful episode. It's just like, you look around, you can't believe there's a room filled with people dressed like this. It's awesome."

Wetpaint Entertainment did an exclusive interview with Lindsey Shaw (Paige), and if you weren't excited about the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode, season 3 episode 13, "This is a Dark Ride" before, you definitely will be now.

Lindsey shares that Emily and Paige will have some lighter, more romantic moments in the Halloween episode - and what about their costumes as they come aboard the Rosewood Halloween Ghost Train? It is Halloween, after all.

" see them as a couple. They have like the cutest costumes to go together. It's a little lighter where that’s concerned. There's a wonderful, sweet, little romantic moment, and then, it hits the fan. Then all the scary stuff starts...."

As far as Paige and Emily's "couple costumes" are concerned, Lindsey even went into the details!

"I'm playing Marlene Dietrich. She was big in the sexual revolution. So Paige dons this really dapper, huge suit. It's kind of a throwback to the other finale where I was in a suit. Plus, she has a top hat, which is fun. So, yeah, that's my costume...I don't actually think Emily's outfit has been revealed because it's that good. I mean, I can't go into it. She's definitely her own character, but, yeah. It will go down as one of the greatest outfits in TV history, I promise."

From the spoilers for the episode we know that "A" will have some tricks and treats up their sleeve while the Liars are on the train. So what side is Paige playing, or will that be addressed?

"...Paige is very much on the girls' side and getting her hands dirty with all the mischief that goes on, on the train where the Halloween episode takes place...she helps them with everything that goes down on the train. And there’s nothing spoken between them, but between her friends and Paige, certainly with Spencer, there’s a moment where it’s solidified that Paige is a good guy which is really kind of cool. And I think that her friends are definitely on board with her now after all the cabin stuff."

Are you dying to see what Emily's Halloween costume will be? Share your excitement for the Halloween episode in the comments!