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Pretty Little Liars Episode 17 "The New Normal" Guide

Pretty Little Liars Episode 17 "The New Normal" Guide

Below you can find the official episode guide for Pretty Little Liars episode 17, titled "The New Normal".

Relationships develop and grow in the town of Rosewood, but not the relationships one would expect, in "The New Normal," episode of Pretty Little Liars.


What happens to one liar when parent-teacher conferences come around and her father sits face to face with the love of her life? What about when another one reaches out to a tarnished innocent, when no one else will? And what about the liar who is taken by surprise by an unpleasant person? And don't forget about the last liar who is getting way too comfortable with someone she might not want to trust. Whatever it is, "A" is sure to have something to say about it. It's now just another normal day in Rosewood, PA for Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer.