Pretty Little Liars Episode 12 “Salt Meets Wound” Promotional Photos

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October 28, 2010

Here are two promotional photos for Pretty Little Liars episode 12, “Salt Meets Wound”. Hopefully more to come!


  • Darci

    Great episode – I think this was the best of the season, and Hanna’s surprise party was full of great drama, like the Sean/Lucas scrap, and of course the big revelation that Lucas gives to Hanna after.

    Also, there was some great music, that last scene had “Darken Me” by Electric Owls, and I was also really happy to hear Pigeon John’s “The Bomb” during the flashback of Alison, when she has just caused Noel and his girlfriend to break up, because she thought that Aria might like that. You can watch a clip of that second scene at