Emily and Maya Meant to Be? Bianca Lawson Shares Season 2 Spoiler

Emily and Maya Meant to Be? Bianca Lawson Shares Season 2 Spoiler

When Bianca Lawson's character, Maya St. Germain was first introduced in the series and in Emily's (Shay Mitchell) life, Maya was the one to guide Emily through her coming-out. Now, the two actresses tell us, Emily will be the one to offer Maya this same type of support in the last half of season 2:

“Now I’m helping her – the roles kind of switch,” says Shay about their new dynamic. “As Emily’s come more into herself, she understands what she wants and I think she’s a lot more confident to help Maya in this situation.”

But are Emily and Maya meant to be, especially now that Samara is (at least temporarily) out of the picture? Bianca seems to think so:

"I think they’re really similar and I think that in a weird way they have grown up together. Maya came into Emily’s life at a time when she needed that push to really embrace who she was, who she is, and to feel like it’s OK. And now Maya is going through things and Emily is helping her evolve through her personal issues. So I just think they have a really deep connection. It’s not like an infatuation or a lustful thing. That’s there, but I think they’re meant to be."

How do you think Emily will be Maya's support system in the winter episodes to come? And who are you rooting for to stay in Emily's picture, Maya or Samara? Battle it out in the comments!

Source: Wetpaint Entertainment / Photo credit: ABC Family