Detective Wilden’s a Pretty Strong Character: Bryce Johnson Returning as Detective Wilden in Spring Episodes

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November 16, 2011


A recent Pretty Little Liars spoiler assures us that somebody will be killed in the second half of season 2, but at least we know it won’t be Detective Darren Wilden, according to actor Bryce Johnson:

“A good friend of mine has read the books, and he’s like, Detective Wilden is pretty strong character in the series. I’m like, ‘Oh, good. Maybe that will keep me working.’ At least they’re not killing me. There’s hopefully some job security in that.”

He shares that his character, Detective Wilden will also definitely “get somebody”, which also falls right into place with the other spoiler that someone is getting arrested. Rosewood just keeps getting rosier and rosier.

Bryce has filmed three more episodes so far to air in the spring, including an episode directed by fellow PLL actor, Chad Lowe (Byron Montgomery). While he couldn’t exactly share the details of the episode, Bryce could tell this:

“I’m definitely there investigating a new lead. I’m trying to get to the bottom of this and see what those girls really have and if they have anything to do with it as well. I’m sure he would just love to bust one of those girls, especially Hanna (Ashley Benson). He wants to send somebody to jail and soon.”

And if the above mentioned “arrested” spoiler is any indication, Detective Wilden most definitely will get his man, er…girl. Or somebody. What do you think is up with Detective Darren Wilden’s return to Rosewood?

Source: Wetpaint Entertainment