Person of Interest Spoilers: No Happy Ending in the Season 2 Finale

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April 3, 2013

person of interest reese and finch benchPerson of Interest has its Season 2 finale on May 9. And the executive producers have teased that all may not end well for our heroes.

But first, some good news: fans hoping to see a showdown between Root and Shaw will get their wish in the season finale. Now for the bad news, courtesy of spoilers from TV Guide:

“We are going to see something from Fusco’s past come back that becomes very divisive among our guys,” executive producer Greg Plageman teases. “It becomes an interesting point of conflict in whether our characters can ever actually move past that.” Adds [Jonathan] Nolan: “We’re trying to avoid the idea that they always save everybody all the time,” Nolan says. “This is not a season that necessarily ends well for anybody… If that’s what folks are looking for, they’re going to be disappointed.”

Do you think Carter will discover Fusco’s HR dealings? And who do you think they will not be able to save?

  • Carol Weber Orndorff

    Hopefully it’s Shaw I am not a Shaw fan the character is too arrogant/strong. I prefer Reese, Finch and the original team.

  • tvshogal

    it won’t be shaw..she is the most favorite character on twitter and the producers will be bringing her back in Season 3..

  • Awt Henderson

    Agreed. New characters get added with their demo draw in mind. Reese and Finch have already captured the women viewers…but Shaw? Just look at who she turns on and you’ll see the demo whose numbers the tptb are attempting to increase.