Person of Interest Spoilers: Grace and The Machine Will Be Central to the End of Season 2

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March 27, 2013

poi grace finchFinch’s relationship with Grace will play a big part in the remaining episodes of Person of Interest’s second season. And the life of The Machine will be explored further as the show closes out Season 2. Michael Emerson shared spoilers with EW on what we can expect.

Grace-Finch fans will get to see more of when the couple was still together and happy:

“[Finch's] relationship with Grace is central to the end of the season,” Michael Emerson reveals to EW. “The audience will see her in the course of more flashbacks to a happier time, [and] we’ll see the beginnings of their relationship and it’s evolution.”

The last few episodes will also reveal more mysteries about The Machine, as the show explores “it’s past, its present and its future — if there is one”:

“Although ours is a series that is comprised of standalone episodes, we do have a kind of overarching mythology and that has to do with the life of the machine — it’s origins, its development and its current utility. Or it’s current danger. And so we will go back to that, which I think is an interesting theme to most of the viewers of the show,” he says. “That will be a big story that takes us out of season 2.”

Do you like the Finch-Grace relationship? And do you think The Machine will survive Stanton’s malware?