‘Person of Interest’ Spoilers: Carter’s Increased Role and Season 2 Prospects

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January 11, 2012

CBS President Nina Tassler spoke to the Television Critics Association about the network’s role in increasing Carter’s presence in the show as well as whether we can expect a Season 2.

Tassler said that the network is “extremely pleased” with the ratings performance of its freshman drama. Their only concern was that the Carter character was being somewhat marginalized, which they asked the writers to remedy, making her more like someone familiar to Batman fans:

“We love all the characters. The Reese [Jim Caviezel]-Finch [Michael Emerson] relationship was really starting to take off…[Bringing Carter more to the center of the show] was a plan they had in place, but more for the end of the season. We asked if they were open to moving it up, and as you now can see, Carter is…sort of the Commissioner Gordon. We felt that was a key ingredient to letting the show build and expand.”

Regarding a second season, Tassler said she has “high hopes” but has not made any decisions yet. Person of Interest is one of the top-rated new dramas, averaging about 13 million viewers per week, so odds are looking good.

Source: Zap2It